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Recent Jury Verdicts Confirm Your Liability Insurance Likely Not Enough to Save Your Farm

If there is one thing I wish I could get clients to understand is the fact that even if your farm has liability insurance, you are likely under insured with your current liability coverage. Essentially, if you have a million dollars of coverage, or several million, the coverage is peanuts now days.How big a bag of peanuts? Well, here in Indiana we recently had a whopping 35 million dollar verdict against a defendant for causing an accident that left the plaintiff a quadriplegic.Similar verdicts have been handed down across the country as of late.   You can read about it here: As one attorney stated “jurors are increasingly less offended by requests for million-dollar-plus verdicts”Whoa.Wasn’t it not too long ago society was up in arms about a woman in Texas getting several million for being burned by hot coffee?It sure was.But, as another attorney stated, “the shock …