Successful Cases

Notable Cases:
                              In re Wells County FSA:  Producer was penalized over 1 million dollars for a converted wetland and planting violation.  Was able to effectively prove that producer did not convert the wetland and also that planting violations should be consolidated.  Outcome was producer’s penalty was reduced to roughly $2,400.00.

                               In re Steuben County FSA:   Producer was penalized over $80,000 and not eligible for USDA program benefits for wetland conversion.  Was able to effectively prove that the violation was due to a third party.  The penalties for the producer were removed and producer regained program eligibility. 

                              Belork v. Latimer:  Case regarding the Indiana Fence Law.  Trial Court struck down the longstanding Indiana fence law application.  Was successfully able to get the matter overturned by the Indiana Court of Appeals.
                              In Re SA  Farms:  Farm Service Agency denied various programs to producer.  Was able to prove that producer should not have been denied and successfully had producer’s program benefits restored.

                              Edsall v. Great American:  Producer had crop insurance denied based upon alleged issues with his planter.  Was able to successfully prove that crop losses were not planter related, but rather weather related.                


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