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LLC's Can Save Farms

  4 types of LLCs that can benefit farm operations TAGS:  RISK MANAGEMENT   FARM SUCCESSION   FARM OPERATIONS Tom J. Bechman LIMIT LIABILITY: Especially farms that operate semitrucks, even to haul their own grain, may want to consider separate LLCs for liability reasons, says lawyer John Schwarz II. If you don’t already operate your farm business through limited liability companies, see if one or more of these would work for you. Darrell Boone  | May 07, 2020 John Schwarz II, Royal Center, Ind., is a practicing lawyer and a farmer. He strongly believes in limited liability companies as a great way to structure your farm business. An LLC limits personal liabilities and provides other benefits. So why don’t more farmers use them? “The main reason is fear,” Schwarz says. “People fear things that sound complicated, and if you want to see farmers head for the door, just mention the dreaded words ‘more paperwork.’” Related:   Get your farm ready to 'play defense' But Schwarz says set

Schwarz featured in Indiana Prairie Farmer

Get your farm ready to 'play defense' TAGS:  INSURANCE   FARM SUCCESSION   RISK MANAGEMENT Darrell Boone PROTECT THE FARM: John Schwarz II jokingly calls himself “the lawyer with the tractor.” He works to convince farmers why they need to structure their business properly. Insurance is not enough. Select a business structure that provides personal liability protection. Darrell Boone  | May 06, 2020 News flash: Personal injury law is big business. There are hordes of personal injury lawyers, like “The Big Rig Lawyer” or “The Hammer,” promising to sue you and win a huge verdict for their clients and themselves. In contrast, lifelong farmer and ag law attorney John Schwarz II, Royal Center, Ind., operates a practice that helps farmers protect themselves in today’s precarious legal climate. Schwarz says many factors have drastically increased risk and liability. They include: an increase in farm accidents, up 13% in the past five years and 31% in the past 10 years more semitrucks o