If you have financial difficulty, call John-He understands and can help.

It goes without saying that the past few years have been very difficult from a financial standpoint.  Simply stated, for many of us, the cost of production is above the cost we are receiving for our crops.  In fact, it has been said that net farm income is down 50% since 2012.   

Farmers facing financial difficulty have not done anything wrong or bad.  Rather, they are merely a victim of the current times.  Many farmers who have had no debt at all for years if not decades are finding themselves taking on large amounts of debt.

I have first hand experience with farm restructure.  My family had to perform some restructure on our own farm, and some hard decisions had to be made.  So, I have sympathy for fellow farmers that experience financial difficulties in these difficult times.  I will be there for you in helping you through the financial difficulties that you may be facing.  Together, we can work on getting you through the current financial issues. 

I know full well how tough the decisions are that generally have to be made.  Rest assured, I'll be right there helping you along the way.  

Call me, I'm here to help.   Our office will give a free consultation.


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