Midwest Seminar Succeeds in Providing Valuable Information to Farmers

  Midwest Seminar Focuses on Current Financial Challenges in Farming

 Last week we had two live seminars addressing challenges we are facing as farmers in the current farm economy.  Numerous farmers attended our seminars and many more attended via our internet live stream.  Overall, people were very engaged with the speakers and a lot of useful information was provided. Thank you to Doug Adelsperger for speaking on Chapter 12 bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives.   I would also like to thank Todd Landrum for speaking on alternative financing that centers around an operating loan being provided that is secured by growing crops, and not hard assets such as land and machinery.  Lastly, thank you to Mike Gustafson who traveled all the way from South Dakota to discuss the deferment of capital gains, which is a very important topic to the retiring farmer or farmer that is required to sell assets that are subject to capital gains.  

Here are some pictures and you can find the video link: Seminar Video


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